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"Laura and Victoria are outstanding, knowledgable facilitators providing warmth, guidance, encouragement and strength. This was the most nurturing experience of my life!"   ​-Connie

"This workshop was life altering.  The powerful connection to the horse was truly not something I expected.  At the end, I felt changed; more accepting of my authentic self. Simply magical!"  


"The weekend was life changing and shook me to the core. I have never been around horses before and was frankly quite scared of them! However, with the gentle   guidance of Laura and Victoria, I was able to overcome my fears and allow the horse's magic to unfold I left the weekend feeling empowered, inspired and clearer about the next steps I want to take in my life."   ​-Susan

"Facilitated by two amazing women and several magical horses! I highly recommend if you are looking for some support in going through a big change but wanting something a little less traditional and a lot more awesome!"   ​-Sharon

"The self-discovery workshop was a life changing experience! It helped me to connect to my inner strength and deal with profound grief. It helped me to regain confidence I had lost in myself. I highly recommend anyone going through life transitions to attend this workshop. Thank you Laura and Victoria!!”    -Beth

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Laura, Victoria and the gentle and wise herd of horses. THANK YOU for the extraordinary gift of this beautiful offering. I have been so deeply moved by this experience. It is a huge piece of a larger puzzle for me, and has given me many rich cues about how my next chapter may be unfolding."​    -Paige

“There is no possible way I could have anticipated the profound and lasting impact the workshop has had on my life. I am deeply grateful for the experience.”    ​-Sarah

"Laura and Victoria have created an amazing retreat for woman with horses that is unlike anything else I have ever done! It was absolutely life changing, unforgettable , and it touched me deeply. I came out of it with parts of myself previously unreachable, open and accessible. Something deep within me has shifted which goes beyond words. My heart is now open!!  Thank you horses.  Thank you humans!!"   Suzanne

"This retreat was an immense privilege. I learned to be still, step into my heart and get out of my head. I received many profound gifts that are hard to put into words. I can't say enough about this experience."   ​-Lisa

"This workshop facilitated beautiful moments of self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Laura & Victoria provided a safe and comfortable space for discovery & healing.  Most highly recommended!"    -Kelby

"To feel and witness the way horses open the heart is magical.  It was a privilege to learn about myself in this safe, loving, life-changing manner."    -Debra   

“Check your skeptic at the door and open your heart to the possibilities of renewal through horses. There are some experiences well worth getting off the proverbial therapeutic couch that will change your view of the world in the best way imaginable."  ​-Rebecca

"My experiences with the horses, Laura, Victoria, and the great group of women in the workshop taught me that I was a value to the world by just being. I uncovered strengths I forgot I had and I am feeling hopeful for the future. Thank you Laura! Thank you Victoria! Thank you amazing horses!"​   -Karen

“I learned as much about myself from witnessing others’ experiences as I did with my own time with the horses. Initially, I was afraid to be vulnerable in front of the other participants, but fairly quickly the space created by Laura and Victoria became set for trust and connection. I can’t imagine reaping the same benefits of the workshop without the collective spirit of the group."    ​-Kathleen

"Laura Forest brought her intuitive soul to the workshop in full force. Laura had the most beautiful way of inviting each participant to examine and step into their hearts. Victoria Peterson guided us with humility, professionalism, kindness and expertise as we interacted with the horses. Victoria reads and connects with horses in a truly unique and beautiful way, and her presence allowed me to feel completely safe, cared for, and empowered."   ​-Lucy

"As a person deeply vested in the measurable outcomes of therapy, I am much impressed with the quality of care provided by Laura Forest, Victoria Peterson, and the herd. Their approach is evidence based and thoroughly worth the investment. Your health and heart will be much better spent in this safe, rejuvenating process. And to top it was fun!”    -Robin

“I came to this workshop terrified of horses! I walked away with a new love and deep appreciation for the gifts horses give us. Laura and Victoria helped make me feel safe and comfortable. I don’t have words to describe how powerful the weekend was for me. If you are seeking improved self-confidence and clarity, do not miss this opportunity!" ​  -Judy

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