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What We Offer

Equine guided therapy/personal growth workshops and customized personal retreats specially designed for what you desire. We also offer personalized, individual workshops. 

Thriving In Your Next Chapter

Unleash your most authentic, powerful self through three days of deep reflective exploration with horses as your guides. Learn to let go of the limiting beliefs, old survival patterns and lingering fears that have blocked you from living the life you want.


This rich experiential workshop blends creative activities with horses, small group sharing, ritual, and nature based activities. Give yourself the unique gift of stepping into "horse time"— unplug, breathe deeply, and slow down. Engage your body-mind-spirit with gentle yoga, and meditation. Join in on the "Spirit Walk", an optional bareback experience that inspires great healing. 

Sept.24th - 26th 2021

(Fri. 6pm-8pm, Sat./Sun.10am-pm)

Thriving In Your Next Chapter


(early bird special $525

by 8/15/21)

Kids Summer Camp

Cascadian Stables’ innovative and progressive curriculum is built around the deep connections and rich relationships that are created when people partner with horses. Our phenomenal horses, expert instructors, and safe, positive environment create a unique opportunity to become empowered and inspired!


Children's Summer Camp

Renew, Reflect & Refresh 6-Session Weekly Retreat

A WOMEN’S RETREAT TO RENEW & CONNECT: Expand into your best self in a beautiful cozy setting with other supportive and like-minded women. Through reflective storytelling and heart-felt dialogue, you will engage in ceremony, share your stories, tap into your inner joy and passions, and reconnect to your strengths and dreams.

Our time together will include: weekly activities focusing on letting go of old stories and opening to new possibilities, creating a vision board for the next chapter of your life & optional equine-experiential activities that offer new ways of learning about yourself.​​

Next Session TBA

$350 for 6-week session

Renew, Reflect, Refresh

Equine-Facilitated Support Group for Teen Girls

A monthly equine therapy group for high school-aged girls dealing with anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts/urges.


We will be working with horses to tune into the emotional process to facilitate healing and growth, and using art, collage, and meaningful conversations to integrate the experience for long-term results. Offering support within a safe, nurturing peer group in a non-judgmental space.

Date and Time TBD

Teen Girls Support Group

Somatic Equine-guided Experiential Learning

We humans tend to live in our heads. Our thoughts take over, and we get stuck worrying about the future, ignoring the present and missing the most precious moments of life and can often find ourselves, ungrounded and distracted.


Horses, on the other hand have lived thousands of years in the wild. They rely on specialized senses, herd dynamics and somatic awareness to survive and thrive. They live fully in their bodies within each singular moment.


As fear, sadness, doubt, and grief weighs our bodies down, grooming, touching, breathing in unison, and opening our hearts to the sacred space that the horse lends, horses can be our teachers, bearing many healing gifts and a place for us to unfold.

In this workshop, horses will show us how to reclaim our ability to embody joy and love.


Next Session TBA

Somatic Equine-guided Experiential Learning

Healing the Healers

Rejuvenate your spirit in the company of majestic horses and fellow colleagues. Therapists, counselors, caretakers and essential workers will benefit in this rich experiential workshop. Being in the presence of horses brings you home to your deepest center, the heart of your true healing nature. 

Date and Time TBD

$195 Per Person

Healing the Healers

No Horse Experience Necessary!

Summer Horse Camp For Women



  • Unplug - allow the gentle, grounding presence of horses and nature soothe your soul

  • Lay under the stars, lulled to sleep by howling coyotes and hooting owls from deep within the desert canyon.

  • Snuggle up in a camp chair around the fire for a horse movie, with popcorn and a favorite beverage.

  • Share heartfelt dialogue in a safe and confidential circle.

  • Engage in “on the ground” or optional trail riding experiences as horses guide and inspire personal growth and healing.


Women’s Summer Camp

Next Session TBA

Mares & Fillies
A Workshop for Moms and Daughters

Share an entire day celebrating and deepening your mother/daughter bond while interacting with horses in fun and creative exercises.

Join your daughter in laughter, collaborative problem solving and renewed connection while creating unforgettable memories. Learn more about each other through storytelling, expressive arts and playing with horses.

Now is the time to get away from things that normally distract you and spend more meaningful and quality time together!


$195 per mother/daughter team.

$75 per additional daughter

Mares & Fillies Mother-Daughter Workshop

Forging New Trails

Adolescence can be a provocative time for many young girls. The pressure to "fit in" and the desire to confirm to peer pressure can be a daunting task. Changing bodies and the roller coaster of emotions that comes with puberty can be especially challenging as girls face the entry into Middle School.


With the gentle guidance of horses and skilled professionals by her side, your daughter will...​

• build self-esteem

• find her authentic voice

• establish healthy boundaries

​• cultivate confidence and assertiveness

• develop leadership awareness and skills

• create new friendships and HAVE FUN!!




Forging New Trails

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