Deep within our hearts, there is a spiritual longing to discover our deeper calling. Often, our lives are too busy to stop and listen. Horses live completely in the moment and invite us to slow down, reflect, and notice what is beckoning us to expand. When we connect with horses we connect with nature, with love and ultimately with ourselves. Discover your most authentic and powerful self with the gentle guidance and wisdom the horse has to offer you. Our personal growth workshops can help you find your better self, more connected to the world around you.

Discovery with Horses offers a holistic approach to self-development and personal healing with the co-facilitation of the noble horse and our EEL programs. By partnering with the horse in fun and creative experiential learning exercises, you can develop profound insights that bring rapid change and lifelong results. The experience allows us to reclaim our truths and move forward with renewed confidence and wisdom.


(The Lover)

A warm hearted character who is known to greet everyone with a little whinny. He enjoys trail riding, eating and being groomed.

our excellent equine guides


(The Little Darling)

A delightful pony who arrived to the barn one Christmas morning. She brings joy and love to everyone she encounters.



(The Grand Matron)

A lovely mare from Oklahoma who has raised many colts and fillies in her day and now keeps a watchful eye over the rest of the herd.


(The Diva)

A young, sweet and spirited mare presently in training to be a cutting horse. She has a huge personality and can be very entertaining.


(Patriarch of the Barn) 

An elder gentleman who has taught adult and child alike and been adored by many. Harley came from cow horse breeding and has won over 100 championships in his day. Presently, he carries little girls to winning their first blue ribbons in the local show arenas.


(The Pretty Boy)

A lovely palomino who has won over 70 silver champion show buckles during his reign in the show ring. He is now happily retired and enjoying his life as a family horse, rolling in the dirt and enjoying just being a horse.


(The Donkey)

A true charmer that brings a smile to everyone’s face. He loves children, goats and his best pal Winnie.


A handsome gelding who is working very hard to be an upstanding member of riding society. In the meantime, he delights everyone with his beauty, grace and energy.



(Mr. Handsome)

A stately gentleman who has a heart of gold and enjoys long jogs on the trails around central Oregon.